The Implications of Vanessa Kachadurian Case

I have just seen on the internet that Vanessa Kachadurian has lost the lawsuit she had been dealing for some time. So, I thought it would be good to say a few things about this lawsuit and its potential repercussions on the people and organizations who suffer from cyber harassment and similar acts.

First of all, you can reach the press release issued by the winning party here. Honestly, I do not know much about the details of this lawsuit. Therefore, I am not going to say who is right or wrong, but some statements really grabbed my attention. By the way, the person who runs the Goose Network website and previously published a number of facts about Ms. Kachadurian makes some comments on this issue as well.

I took the below piece from the press release:

"The plaintiffs were merely one of several adoption and educational institutions to be targeted for abuse by Kachadurian under multiple identities."
What did the lawyer mean with the words "educational institutions"? He must have meant the charter schools that Ms. Kachadurian has been attacking for some time, because as we all know she runs almost ten blogs for the defamation of those charter schools. Since those words are inserted to the press release, can they constitute a kind of example for the potential lawsuits that could be opened to Vanessa in the long term? If so, Ms. Kachadurian could be in trouble, if the schools she attacks decide to sue her. 

One could ask what might be the motivation behind Ms. Kachadurian's attacks. She seems to be a concerned parent, but in reality she is someone who reflects her hate on Turks in every occasion. This picture I got from Goose Network blog reflects her motivation behind the attacks she launches:

This picture is the background image of Ms. Kachadurian's Twitter page. In the picture, we see an eagle in front of the flag of Armenia and its claws hold the flags of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Considering the recent war between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the historical debate between Armenia and Turkey, we can easily assume that Ms. Kachadurian will not possess good feelings towards any groups, institutions or organizations where Turks or Azerbaijanis works. That's why she does not want to see any Turk in America. This emotion causes her to fallaciously believe that some successful American charter schools belong to Turks. That is why; she practices all this anti-propaganda.

This lawsuit could also be the beginning of a new era in which people take a more respectful stance in the face of things they hate. Sheer defamation of educational, non-governmental or charitable institutions could be put to an end once the defamed organizations and institutions decide to seek their rights. At the end of the day, it is those institutions who lose their reputation and great deal of prestige and money. Besides, they have to deal with new titles, such as Gulen Charter Schools, that are actually irrelevant to their current stance.

I do not think it is wise to let people ruin your prestige you have accumulated over the years just because of some unfounded attacks in the name of "freedom of speech".