Fethullah Gulen Forum

Dr. Koc's recent book about Fethullah Gulen has opened my eyes about Dr. Dogan Koc. While doing some research about Dr. Koc's other possible articles, I came up with "Fethullah Gulen Forum", a website where you can find a number of articles about the Gulen Movement, including the ones from Dr. Koc. Here is what the website tells about itself:

FG Forum is an online discussion board of issues related to Fethullah Gülen. By creating active discussions, FG Forum aims to offer in depth analysis on Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement.

I definitely recommend the one Dr. Koc wrote in response to Sheron-Krespin's misleading article about Fethullah Gulen. Entitled "Fethullah Gülen's Grand Ambition": A Biased, Selective, Misleading, Misrepresentative and Miscalculated Article, this article absolutely deserves a detailed for those who want to go deeper about Fethullah Gulen and Turkey. 

More articles could also be found such as Greg Barton's own response to the very same article and Ruth Woodhall's "Fethullah Gülen's Philosophy of Education in Practice".