Some Fact-Checking about Fethullah Gulen: 1) Did Gulen Curse the Kurds?

As an expert on Gulen Movement, I have been receiving many questions (in the form of accusations at times) about Fethullah Gulen and the Movement, but so far I have not allocated enough time to those questions due to the existence of weird claims mostly coming from Donna Garner and other bloggers. Now that Donna Garner is busy with changing her favorite GOP candidate every week, I will try to answer some of the questions about Fethullah Gulen and Gulen Movement. Of course one at a time...

DISCLAIMER: These answers are just my personal opinion and they do not reflect the opinion of Fethullah Gulen or Gulen Movement. I am not the spokesperson of anyone, but a scholar studying Gulen Movement for several years.

I sometimes read the claims of some famous or media outlets who believe that Fethullah Gulen has recently cursed and lamented the Kurds. This is sheer manipulation and distortion if not the ignorance on the side of the accusers or the sources. Out of a full paragraph, some people just pick the last sentence and present to the public as if Fethullah Gulen cursed the Kurds. Let me correct this crooked approach:


Donna Garner’s Flag Accusation Debunked

A few weeks ago, Harmony Schools Advocates issued a statement that tells us the truth about "infamous" flag incident Donna Garner repeatedly mentions. It turned out that no trampling of the U.S. flag happened as Donna Garner claimed. Read the story yourself.

"My children have been attending Harmony for three years. My daughter is in this picture. She is the tall blonde on the right hand side of the picture. Three of her best friends are also in this picture. They were all in 8A at the time.

Here’s what happened. Do you see how two girls are holding a large US flag and the other girls are holding smaller US flags? As a part of the dance routine, each girl was hiding a tiny US flag inside her belt. The girls were supposed to pull out these flags and dance with them as well. As they were dancing, one girl’s tiny flag fell out of her belt and landed on the stage floor. The girls attempted to kick the flag out of the way so they would not step on it or slip and fall, but the dance was so vigorous that they couldn’t get it out of the way.