MerryLynn Gerstenschlager of TEF Provides Inaccurate Information

A friend of mine told me about the Texas House Public Education Committee convened on February 17th. When asked what it was all about, he said "Just watch. Laughing guaranteed!"

This just piqued my curiosity and I clicked the link my friend provided to watch the much-advertised drama. The meeting was very long, like five hours, but the drama-filled part started towards the end of it.

MerryLynn Gerstenschlager, Vice President of Texas Eagle Forum, speaks as a witness during the public hearing and she just parrots what Donna Garner used to repeat a number of times before the GOP race began. Honestly and frankly, I feel pity for those who attack Fethullah Gulen blindfold, because the defamer must be knowledgeable about the person and his/her ideas and therefore should think twice before attacking. But those people like Garner, Gerstenschlager or others don't know one single correct thing about Gulen or Turkey. Let's break Gerstenschlager's sentences down: