An Ignorant Attacker: Peggy Littleton

As Chet Hardin states El Paso County Commissioner Peggy Littleton is not an expert on Fethullah Gulen. But that didn't stop her from lecturing at a right-wing education conference, featuring presenters like stealth-jihad activist Frank Gaffney, and conservative columnist Ann Coulter, on the dangers of Gulen's quasi-influence on American charter schools.

“Littleton, despite her public comments on the subject, couldn't come up with a specific concrete example of Gulen's untoward influence over, or profit from, a charter school,” says Hardin.

Littleton believes that, without any facts or data to back it up her assertion, those charter schools, also called Gulen Charter Schools in some circles, are being helped by President Obama. This is really something people can never imagine in their wildest dreams. I will come to the details she embellishes about President Obama but to claim that “Race to the Top” initiative was started just for the sake of “Gulen Charter Schools” is nothing but wishful thinking or just sheer ignorance.

This is not the only gaffe made by Littleton. Let’s hear more from her: "A Gulen school is, they are schools that are actually are being applied for by a gentleman, and I forget his first name, Mr. Gülen; he's a gentleman who lives in Turkey."

Again, Ms. Littleton even lacks the most basic information about Fethullah Gulen, who currently resides in Pennsylvania, not Turkey. Besides, during that aforementioned conference, Ms. Littleton spells the last name of Gulen as “Gulan”. Littleton confesses that she hasn't spent much time researching Gulen schools. "I am by no means the expert on this. I do about 60 to 80 hours a week doing roads and streets and bridges and commissioner work,” she says. Then how could someone be so assertive in her claims?

Moreover, she thinks that all charter school applications are made by Fethullah Gulen, another fallacy she gets trapped into. It is weird to know that Ms. Littleton is a former state board of education member. She looks too ignorant to know most basic facts about the charter schools.  

In her interview with Chet Hardin, she admits that she has no evidence — at all, none — that directly links Gulen to any of the more than 100 charter schools throughout the United States.

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