Donna Garner's Self-Refuting Ideas

If you happen to read Donna Garner on a regular basis, you can easily reveal her self-refuting ideas. This is what I have been enjoying for a while. I have found so many contradictions in her statements and claims that I think I could, one day, write a thin book about those hilarious contradictions and self-refuting ideas.
You have probably heard about the contention between Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education and Robert Scott, TEA Commissioner. Mr. Duncan made a few negative comments about Texas education and Mr. Scott rightfully responded to those claims. Donna Garner quoted Scott’s response verbatim in her blog (August 19). At one point of his response, Robert Scott mentioned the existence and significance of STEM education in Texas:

“We are also a leader in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. Texas has established 59 STEM schools, 7 STEM professional development centers and is a leading state in creating a national STEM network of states that want to pursue STEM education reform.” 

Let me interfere here: did you know that out of those 59 STEM schools, 17 of them are Harmony Schools? Harmony Public Schools are the pioneering schools in STEM education with the most number of schools in the state of Texas. Why did I mention Harmony Schools? Because they are the number one target of Donna Garner these days even though I suspect if she has ever been to any Harmony Science Academy in her life. Oops, sorry, she never calls these schools with their proper names. She does rather prefer the weird term Gulen Charter Schools. Which “Gulen” Charter Schools? Those supposedly indoctrinate “harmful” ideas to the kids, have become the leaders of STEM education... Overnight?  

Two days later (August 21), Donna Garner wrote about Republican candidate Rick Perry mentioning Governor Perry’s “good” and “bad” points. There was something among the “bad” points. Guess what? Harmony Public Schools! 

“Here in Texas we have 36 Gulen/Cosmos Foundation/Harmony Charter Schools, yet where has Gov. Perry been on this issue?”

Did you read out the question? I can’t believe my eyes. Two days earlier, Garner exactly copied Robert Scott’s defense where he mentioned the importance of STEM education. In his response, Mr. Scott was actually defending Rick Perry as well, because Gov. Perry, not Robert Scott himself, was the real target of Mr. Duncan when Mr. Duncan uttered those statements. Two days swiftly passed and Donna Garner started accusing Rick Perry of “harboring 36 Gulen/Cosmos Foundation/Harmony Charter Schools.” Hey Donna, you should pray that Robert Scott will not read what you have written about Gov. Perry. Otherwise he would be mad at you.

If STEM education suits Donna Garner’s book, she is not shy of using it despite the fact that Harmony Schools are the best representatives of STEM education.

If not, Donna Garner would be “brave” enough to accuse Gov. Perry of supporting Gulen Charter Schools.

Isn’t it hilarious? I am really having fun of it. You should, too.