An Open Letter to Donna Garner

The parents of Harmony Public Schools have started to defend their schools at last. So far I have only seen one website probably founded by one parent: Harmony Parent. It is not updated very often. 

Recently I have come across another one, something much more professional and regularly updates: Harmony Schools Advocates. I am only lamenting that I have discovered those guys very late. They have already put several good articles and documents and I believe it is a good first step to defend successful charter schools like Harmony Public Schools.

Their latest pieces are about Donna Garner, an enemy of Harmony Public Schools. Interestingly, based on what she has written recently, they claimed that Donna Garner is supporting Harmony which is untrue. If those parents had read my next to last article, they would have known that Ms. Garner is miles away from being a Harmony Advocate.

Anyway, their other piece is especially good which is an open letter to Donna Garner. Let us read together:

Dear Donna Garner,

We are writing this letter on behalf of all parents of Harmony Charter Schools. We have recently read your articles on Harmony Schools and we are deeply saddened by some of the inflammatory expressions you uttered against Harmony Schools. As a result, we have decided to pen this letter to ask you a few simple questions. We are sincerely hoping to get the answers of these questions (along with the evidence you will put forward).

1) Have you ever been to any of the Harmony campuses? Which one and how was your experience there?

2) Have you ever talked to a Harmony parent other than the imaginary ones? If not, more than 10 thousand parents are ready to tell you their own unique Harmony experience.