Donna Garner Graded by the Former Student

I remember writing about Donna Garner for the first time. That article focused on the superficial knowledge of Ms. Garner, a retired teacher from Waco. For that reason, I called her "sciolist", a person whose knowledge is just superficial. She then wrote several articles, each of which confirmed my claims about her superficiality. 

A few days ago, I saw a piece by Dr. Jerry R. Burkett, Garner's former student. He criticizes Garner over the schools funding issue and grants her an overall grade of D: "While some of your blogs hold some degree of merit, I have found most reflect an attempt to promote a divisive and fringe political ideology. For allowing these ideologies to pervert your blogs, for mis-representation of facts, and for extreme hyperbole, I give your works an overall grade of D."

In another place in the same article, Dr. Burket goes on to say, "Your grade was lowered in this area due to limited data and research, when in fact the organization is working with individuals dedicated to making education a strong priority for our state."

It is no surprise that Donna Garner has no data or research in most of the topics she talks about. As a person who has no personal acquaintence with Ms. Garner, I think I discovered this side of Donna Garner earlier than Dr. Burket, her former student.
Dr. Burket continues to put forward the things similar to my previous findings: "Public education in Texas is under attack by individuals like you. Those willing to wield half-truths and misinformation in the name of advancing their cause, be it political ideology, business potential, or protecting tax abatements."

More and more people find out the true colors of Donna Garner.