Fethullah Gulen Conferences Website

There have been several conferences about Fethullah Gulen on national and international level in the last decade. A number of distinguished and prominent scholars and academics wrote articles and essays about Fethullah Gulen and Gulen Movement. There is a specifically designed website to this end: Fethullah Gulen Conference. It is a simple but effective website where you can find almost all scholarly articles about Fethullah Gulen.
The title of the website reads like this: "International Conferences on Islam in the Contemporary World: The Fethullah Gulen Movement in Thought and Practice". At the top part, you can find the five conferences starting from the one in 2005 up until 2009. Then we read a short bio of Fethullah Gulen. Finally, at the bottom of the page, we also see some other conferences organized in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Australia.
Here are some themes and issues from these conference papers:
  • Teaching and interpretation of Islamic principles and issues
  • Sufism and Fethullah Gulen
  • Education in contemporary societies
  • Interfaith and intercultural dialogue, tolerance and peace
  • Understanding of the historical dynamics and references of tolerance, multiculturalism and the Ottoman example
  • Terrorism, coercion, and violence
  • The resolution of social, ethnic, and religious conflict in the modern world, and democracy
  • Approaches to universal ethical values in Fethullah Gulen's discourse
  • Turkey's coexistence with or integration into the European Union
  • The changing role of women in society and in public life