Donna Garner Graded by the Former Student

I remember writing about Donna Garner for the first time. That article focused on the superficial knowledge of Ms. Garner, a retired teacher from Waco. For that reason, I called her "sciolist", a person whose knowledge is just superficial. She then wrote several articles, each of which confirmed my claims about her superficiality. 

A few days ago, I saw a piece by Dr. Jerry R. Burkett, Garner's former student. He criticizes Garner over the schools funding issue and grants her an overall grade of D: "While some of your blogs hold some degree of merit, I have found most reflect an attempt to promote a divisive and fringe political ideology. For allowing these ideologies to pervert your blogs, for mis-representation of facts, and for extreme hyperbole, I give your works an overall grade of D."