My Personal Criteria for Gulen Charter Schools

A sarcastic article to reflect upon... I liked the simple and easy to follow instructions in that.

We are all quite sure that the weird claims about so-called Gulen Charter Schools have been proved fallacious. You can see this by checking some of the recent critics of these schools. 

I quickly realized the fallacious nature of these claims after reading a few of them, but some people's aggressive attacks on these high-performing charter schools can make anyone very suspicious. Whenever there is a good news or (bad news) on the national level praising or defaming those charter schools, there is always someone ready to defame the schools in question with his/her comments. Anyway... You are already familiar with this story. 

On the other hand, some things should be clarified. For example, what if someone decided to establish a charter school named "Gulen Charter School"? Would it be considered a Gulen Charter School as well? I mean the criteria to become such a school are very ambiguous.  

Gulen Charter School Criteria

Let me bring some of'em to the table:

1) The first rule to be qualified as a Gulen Charter School, the school has to perform high. Good test scores or closing the achievement gap is one of them.

2) The school must have some teachers from overseas. 

3) Everything related to construction etc. should cost cheaper than the national average. That way, you can deserve your label.

4) Make your parents happy. When they get happy, the attackers of your school will find nobody to get help and eventually they will beg some assistance from the elected officials, people who have never been to your school or biased journalists that would visit your school for the sole purpose of creating havoc in the media.

5) Find a few disgruntled teachers who has recently left your school. Help him/her to piss you off. Find a journalist lover for him/her so that s/he could "expose" everything. 

Not a bad idea, right?