On Vanessa Kachadurian and Goose Network

Goose Network Blog's latest discovery about Vanessa Kachadurian rather came as a surprise to me. It was a surprise, because I thought nobody would uncover the true identity of that mysterious, funny-looking xenophobic blogger. While my personal style is about refuting and debunking one's ideas like the ones about Donna Garner, who had to remain silent after I presented her the truth, Goose Network Blog prefers going deep with the details in order to reach the truth. They are more about the style, while I like content issues.

Following are my crib notes that I jotted down while reading this long post about the long story of an activist.

- Ms. Kachadurian's accidental inscription of her name under a comment triggered the discovery of her other comments scattered around the internet. Probably a very tiny detail revealed big and significant things. All in all, devil is in the details...

- Ms. Kachadurian frequently uses Facebook, even in various languages. I also noticed that she makes some changes in her name on Facebook.

- After finding out who Ms. Kachadurian is, Goose Network does a good job by proving the improbable connection between Turgay and Ms. Kachadurian. Then they expand on that famous e-mail ( with additional evidence.

- Basically, she keeps two identities: first one is Turgay, the aforementioned mysterious blogger, who is the part of a bigger group that attacks charter school movement in America. The second one is her true "Vanessa" identity. Looks like she uses the latter in some of her comments about charter schools, too. This "mixing" is the reason why Ms. Kachadurian was identified. Even if everything goes perfect, one could be prone to any mistake in the long term. You can't entrust a marble bench to a carpenter! That is why, Ms. Kachadurian's nickname AdoptTruth has become a sound evidence for Goose Network Blog.

- I see that Ms. Kachadurian is a hardcore activist. For example, she inserts her own material even in the middle of a debate about Armenian genocide. That is something noteworthy. Also, she goes too far to write a letter to Hawaiian elected officials in order to prevent the opening of so-called Gulen Charter Schools.

- I do not want to touch on her personal lawsuits. But the fact that she had plenty of e-mails and nicknames really intrigued me. In the charter schools case, she was probably trying to revive her old tactics.

- I was very astonished by her support for Ergenekon underground organization. I think Ms. Kachadurian assumed that some Turks in the United States hate Ergenekon and therefore she displayed an unyielding sympathy to this clandestine organization. In fact, Ergenekon is the organization that mostly consists of ultra-nationalists who hate the religious minorities such as Christians and Jews of Turkey. Those are the guys who committed murders of religious minorities. Ms. Kachadurian embraces a grave misunderstanding about those Ergenekon guys. I think she should read the indictments about this organization.

- Her "copy-paste" mindset is a natural outcome of her activism. Otherwise, you cannot put so many comments on the Internet by writing everything from the scratch. Certain mistakes are naturally inevitable such as the duplicate comments on the same article.

- Her frequent use of the word "Kaz" gave the much-needed evidence Goose Network Blog asks for. Also, her Turkish-looking nickname on Twitter backfires on some situations. For instance, on a commentary page, some Turks write Turkish under that Turkish-looking Twitter username and it turns out that she does not speak Turkish at all. That part was really pathetic. Even more pathetic is the fact that she never tweets in Turkish while writing under Turkish name.

- Among the possible motives Goose Network Blog lists about Ms. Kachadurian, one small detail attracted my attention. She gives a defamatory book to a Congressman about Gulen Movement in an Armenian event in nature. This again goes to the aforementioned fact that Ms. Kachadurian is a relentless activist for her cause.

In short, thanks to the overwhelming number of evidence, Goose Network was able to prove their case. I really wonder how Ms. Kachadurian will react to those overwhelming number of evidence.

Ms. Garner preferred silence in my case, because she had nothing to say and no answer to provide. Let's see how Ms. Kachadurian will respond. The absolute silence in disguise of never-seen-that approach or the counter attack...