A Gulen-Inspired School in Iran?

Several months ago, a breaking news appeared on some media outlets. According to that news, a Gulen-inspired school in Iran (!) was raided and 83 CIA agents (!) were arrested (!) in the school. It is a rare talent to be able make three mistakes in one sentence.

Of course, this "breaking" news was immediately picked up by ODA TV, who is also the zealous supporter of so-called Gulen Charter School concept in the US.

First, there is no "Gulen-inspired" school in Iran, because Iran, as the example of perfect democracy (!) never allows the Movement to open a school. Second, in this non-existent school, you can't hide 83 CIA agents. Of course, with no school and agents around, you can't arrest them. And here is the proof for this blatant lie:

This is the only one that I could find, because later on they deleted the news and apologized for their blatant lie. Here is the apology:

Here they say, "The Movement is right. That news was untrue. Unfortunately, ODA TV also made the same mistake." Below is the full text for their apology. 

You can still find their apology here.