Gulen Charter Schools Funded by Bill Gates and Walmart?

Bill Gates has become the symbol of Gulen Charter Schools(!)
The below piece written by Goose Network Blog is a good example of how ill-intention and ignorance can take a hate group to new heights. "Better late than never," says a proverb. So, I think it is a good idea to introduce this piece written at the early days of Gulen Charter Schools concept.  

When you want to defame someone or an organization, you use all available sources as part of your black propaganda. This can even include defaming the most prestigious personality in the society. Take Bill Gates for example.  In 2007, through the Texas High School Project, the Gates Foundation granted $10,550,000 to the Cosmos Foundation, the former charter holder of Harmony Public Schools. This amount was a small part out of almost one-billion-dollar project, but it couldn’t prevent Bill Gates from being accused of having ties with Gulen Movement and Gulen schools. 

The very same people consider this grant part of the revival of Ottoman Empire (!) As you all know, Bill Gates, in America, is the pioneer of the digital age revolution. Apart from being a rich person, he is always busy with charity work along with his wife Melinda Gates. Together they founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Within the scope of this project, out of more than one billion dollars, only ten million dollars went to Harmony Schools and the attackers see this donation amount sufficient to revive Ottoman Empire (!) If that was the case, Bill Gates should have revived Ottoman Empire at least a couple of times by now, since his personal wealth can even revive the Roman Empire!

You can read the original story on the link below, but the funny part of the story is that, the author starts with the accusation towards Bill Gates and then goes on talking about Fethullah Gulen and his so-called wealth (!) He goes too far to claim that CIA helped Fethullah Gulen to amass this wealth. Stories for children or lunatics who seek to throw mud at reputation of all involved, and tie in all to Gulen charter schools – none of which in reality exists.


The Goose network attackers are so ignorant that they  don’t even have any idea what is going on in reality. They call some charter schools “madrassahs” or Gulen schools and distort the obvious facts.

In Arabic, madrasah means any type of educational institution, whether secular or religious. But the Goose network uses this word so as to mean religious institution thereby exploiting the lack of knowledge in our society and deceiving the uninformed.

Besides, charter schools cannot teach any religion and push any specific religious views. But Goose Network’s claim is different. In a piece of news, there is a picture of a classroom where the teacher and students wear headscarves. The classroom belongs to Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy in Minnesota, an Islamic school. It is a private school and the picture belongs to that school as well.

HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM BEGINS, because the above mentioned news article is about Harmony Public Schools in Texas. So, you talk about Harmony Schools, but intentionally put the picture of an Islamic private school (that has no relation to the so called “Gulen charter school” whatsoever) to manipulate and distort all frame of references in people’s minds. Any Harmony School parent, upon seeing the picture, can easily identify that this picture cannot belong to Harmony Schools, due to the mandatory school uniforms of the kids at Harmony Schools. Let’s applaud them for doing something contrary to the journalism ethics! Imagine a reporter making news about New York Yankees and showing the pictures of Boston Red Sox players! (LOL☺ The same goes when you say Harmony School and then show a picture from some Ziyad Academy, that has nothing to do with Harmony Public Schools – as you can see on their Schools page.)

But this is not what mighty Goose Network is capable of. Since they fly above us all, and see what others can’t see (they call everyone who doesn’t see what they see as ignorant people, ignorant Americans, ignorant parents etc.), they came up with more “evidence” to prove that Gulen charter schools are out there exploiting our education system. Let’s take a look at the claims of using Islamic textbooks by Gulen charter schools, other than what TEA had approved. This is such a nonsense. If such thing had happened, definitely some disgruntled parents would have complained this situation to the authorities. It would definitely hit the news all around Texas, not only on the sites of Goose network – where such allegations prosper… Did I mention it is the only place where they exist. Funny isn’t it? I find it hilarious.

Goose Network and its allies use this edited picture of Bill Gates to brainwash their readers. They portrait Bill Gates in an Arabic outfit, claiming that he funds terrorism. Insanity.